Our Resort

In Harmony with Nature
The resort ambience taking you back to a village type of an atmosphere where simplicity and harmony reigned supreme. TERI (Tata Environmental Research Institute) has certified the cottages as one of the Energy Efficient Buildings in India. It has a sustainable habitat with a minimum environmental footprint, in a manner that it fuses modern demands with ecological balance.

Warmth, Courtesy Earth
Cottages here are partially sunk into the ground to benefit from the thermal storage capacity of earth. Walls are of solid mud blocks, pillars are of local waster timber and roof is made of Mangalore tiles. The climate is mildly cool or just fine - neither too cold, nor warm.

Recycling, like the Universe
Water harvesting is key at Silent Valley Resort. The lined channels around the cottages and the ponds guide the rainwater flow, to get collected in a tank to be used for irrigation.

Approved by Nature and the Government
Approved by Government of India and Government of Karnataka, Silent Valley has been thoughtfully designed keeping in mind that enjoying the goodwill of nature also means appreciating it without harming it.


We have a 6000 sq.ft. three tiered multi-cuisine restaurant facing the Swimming pool and the valley. We have separate kitchen for Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food. We specialize in Jain food as well because places around are famous for Jain pilgrimage.

All food is freshly prepared, so that the guests enjoy two well-rounded meals a day without compromising on their busy meeting schedules, rest and recuperation and other activities.
Food orders for parties and receptions are also undertaken.